A Holiday Break!

A Holiday Break!


2017…..where did that year go eh?

It seems to have been a rough year for many people, for many reasons.

Over at the Confessions HQ, we have had our own share of trials this year and life has been well and truly beating the crap out of us for this last few weeks. This has resulted in a lot less reviews and articles being posted on the site than we would like but sometimes you just got to look after the life things.

This unfortunately means we do not have the time to do any “Best Of” lists this year but that’s not the end of the world. We have read some wonderful books this year so if you want to know what we recommend, just have a look through our reviews.

We will be closing things down for a week or so over the holidays, but we promise to be back stronger than ever in the New Year. We have some wonderful reviews already lined up for you and hopefully some new features as well.

To the Confessions team, I offer my gratitude and my heartfelt thanks. With my own personal reading time being somewhat restricted this year, I have appreciated every single review you guys have done for the site and look forward too many more next year.

To the Confessions Publicity clients from 2017, I am truly humbled and thankful that you chose to go with Confessions for your promotion. With there being so many other businesses out there, we truly appreciate you putting your trust in us. We hope to work with you all again next year.

From all the guys at Confessions HQ, we wish you all a very Merry Christmas and an extremely prosperous New Year!


Thanks again for visiting Confessions of a Reviewer!

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