When we, at Confessions, put together one of our in-depth author interviews, we put our heart and soul into them. When they are published, we feel they are so complete that it would be difficult to conduct another with the same interviewee, because let’s face it, what else do we ask other than questions about a new book?

There are some exceptions to the rule. Next week’s interview is one of those exceptions.

Ladies and gentlemen, we will be welcoming back our old friend, Mr Jasper Bark!

He has a few new things floating around on the market at the minute including his latest book, Quiet Places, and a new graphic novel, Parassassin. When Confessions got wind that there was a possibility of chatting with Mr Bark again about what he has been up to, we jumped at the chance to do it, and he very graciously agreed again!

Now, because this is a second interview, things will be done slightly differently. We will have some normal general questions again about his life and Quiet Places. We will also have a section were Jasper will be answering some questions on Parassassin that have been set by our good friend Kevin J Kennedy.



And as Jasper has already completed The Ten Confessions, we couldn’t ask him the same ones again. Instead, he will become the first victim, err….participant, to be set some rather random questions in our new feature: Jo’s Awkward Question Time! Any of you who have virtually met my wife Jo at one of the launch parties will know that she is rather nuts and after begging us for a while, we reluctantly gave in and let her set her own interview questions. This is the first hilarious instalment of that feature.



This will all be happening next week with the interview on Monday and Tuesday (13th and 14th) with a review of Quiet Places on Wednesday (15th) and Kev’s review of Parassassin (16th) on Thursday.

In fact, click the image below and Mr Bark will tell you more….. 






Jasper Bark is infectious – and there’s no known cure. If you’re reading this then you’re already at risk of contamination. The symptoms will begin to manifest any moment now. There’s nothing you can do about it. There’s no itching or unfortunate rashes, but you’ll become obsessed with his books, from the award winning collections ‘Dead Air’ and ‘Stuck on You and Other Prime Cuts’, to cult novels like ‘The Final Cut’ and acclaimed graphic novels such as ‘Bloodfellas’ and ‘Beyond Lovecraft’.

Soon you’ll want to tweet, post and blog about his work until thousands of others fall under its viral spell. We’re afraid there’s no way to avoid this, these words contain a power you are hopeless to resist. You’re already in their thrall and have been since you began reading this bio. Even now you find yourself itching to read the whole of his work. Don’t fight it, embrace the urge and wear your obsession with pride!

And for more about Jasper, visit his site or find him on social media:





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