Calling all the show-offs! It’s your turn!

Calling all the show-offs! It’s your turn!


So, if you have been following the website (or blog as it was until recently) for a while now, you will know how I love to show-off. It’s one of the greatest feelings in the world when you get a signed book through the mail. Or a signed anything for that matter.

I have an entire feature set up purely to show-off. The buzz you get from basically saying to people “Na na na naaaa na, this is all mine and you don’t own one of these” is wonderful.

Then you put it on your bookshelf and admire it every time you pass it, sometimes giving it a little stroke or lifting it down to read the inscription that you have already read sixteen million times and know word for word.

It’s not just me that feels this way. Right?

Yeah, I thought so!

This is exactly why I am opening up the Show-Off and Tell feature on Confessions of a Reviewer.



For the first time ever, I am placing an open call for anyone who wants to show off! Yup, I am even letting you get one over on the biggest show-off of them all – me!

I know you all have something either in a box or sitting on the shelf right beside you, right now, that holds a very dear place in your heart. Something you cherish on a daily basis and talk about incessantly until your partner basically has to tell you to shut up or they will burn it.

It’s those things I want to see. Send me a couple of pictures that show them off to their finest, add a few lines of what it is, where or how you got it and anything else you want to mention. I will do the rest for you and make up a post to add to the site. It could be anything, books, pictures, signed napkins. Anything.

That way, it’s you who gets to say “Na na na naaaa na” to hundreds of people all over the world!

All submissions to this feature will be considered but obviously if it is anything overly rude or offensive I will have to politely refuse.

Send them in to

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