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This page is dedicated to the testimonials from past, and existing clients, for the purpose of showing you, the potential client, just what they think of our work.


“Using these guys has helped get my name into one of those anthologies us writers bust our noodles for.

When I received that acceptance email, I only had Confessions Publicity to thank.

I doubt I’ll go anywhere else from here on in.”


Mark Cassell – author of The Shadow Fabric and soon to be featured in Tales From The Lake Vol 4.



“I do solemnly swear……. Oh damn, wrong place! Seriously, what can I say about Nev Murray and his business, Confessions Publicity?

As a spanking newbie, taking his first steps into the world of Fiction writing, I was a small fish in a rather colossal pond. I had looked around for someone to assist me with regards to getting my name out there, and obtaining reviews for my debut novel, and that’s when I heard his name for the first time from another author.

I could waffle on about what he did for me but I don’t want to bore you with the details but I can assure you that Nev is hands down one of the best publicists out there and I am blown away by his dedication, professionalism and good character. Once a plan of action was agreed upon, he kept me informed and went the extra mile to insure all details were correct and exactly how I required them. He made himself available to answer any questions I had and never once grumbled with regards to any requests put forward.

It sounds like I am blowing smoke up his arse but I can assure you that I found him to be one of the most trust worthy individuals I have encountered within the publishing world. In an industry full of sharks and snakes, it truly is a joy to find someone who is not only passionate about what he does, but true to his word.

I have absolutely NO reservations about utilising his services once again when I next have a release, and would strongly urge anyone that needs that little “extra” push to hook up with him and employ his skills.

To summarise I will say this. Not only have I found a fantastic publicist but also a friend, colleague and ally.

If you are on the fence and undecided then trust me and take the step because this man has a bright future ahead of him and I for one am glad I got aboard on the first floor.

I cannot thank him enough.”


Stuart R Brogan – author of Jackals and Scallywag.



“Service with a (slightly sinister) smile. The world needs more people and companies like Nev Murray and Confessions Publicity – professional, reliable & efficient.”


Andy Graham – author of An Angel Fallen and the Lords of Misrule series.



“When it was time to release my Shadow Fabric Mythos novella Hell Cat of the Holt, I snatched up the Confessions Publicity Gold Package. From day one, I had no doubt I’d made the right decision. Despite already using the invaluable proofread service they offered, one of the highlights for me was the Facebook Launch Party. This was something I’d never experienced before with previous releases. For this, Confessions managed to get their mitts on some fabulous prizes, including a couple of signed Shaun Hutson paperbacks. On release night, a bunch of old and new readers joined in with the seemingly endless fun, which in turn led to new buddies on my friends list as well as subscribers to my newsletter. 

Following that, came the Book Tour where I had guest posts and interviews to write for some high-end bloggers. This harnessed some awesome reviews and gave the novella an extra kick in sales. So much so that the book leapt into the Top Ten on Amazon’s Kindle charts on both the UK and US sites.

Plus, I’ve not even mentioned the ongoing brilliance of their social media attention that ran before and after the book’s release. I have nothing but praise for the guys at Confessions. Massive thanks!”


Mark Cassell – author of The Shadow FabricHell Cat of the Holt and soon to be featured in Tales From The Lake Vol 4.



“Working with Confessions of a Reviewer, when they organised the Facebook release party for Trapped Within, was an absolute joy.

They’re professional, organised and above everything else, approachable. Nothing was too much trouble, and on the night, they were a well-oiled machine.

They take the hassle out of the side of the business which consumes so much time.”


Duncan P Bradshaw – author of Class Three, Hexagram and Chump. Owner of Eyecue Productions.



“Confessions Publicity assisted me in all ways with the promotion of my latest release, A Life Removed.

Nev Murray is, at all times, a class act, willing to go that extra mile for his clients.

I am very happy with Confessions Publicity’s services and will undoubtedly be using them again in the near future.”


Jason Parent – author of A Life Removed, Seeing Evil and Wrathbone and Other Stories.



“The business end of releasing a small press/indie horror title can be annoying and troublesome, but Confessions Publicity makes launching a new release smooth and easy.

Nev Murray and the Confessions team handled the publicity and marketing end of things for me when I released Mass Hysteria, and their impact was immediately apparent. With the help of Confessions Publicity, I was able to reach new readers, raise awareness of my book, and get Mass Hysteria in front of lots of eyeballs – some of which were even still attached to people’s heads!

I wouldn’t have had such a successful launch without Nev’s help, and I’m already planning on how to better utilize the Confessions services with my next release. Nev’s earned my long-term business, but, more importantly, my trust, and I look forward to working with him and Confessions Publicity again soon.”


Michael Patrick Hicks – author of Mass Hysteria and the forthcoming novella, Broken Shells