COMING SOON: Confessions Publicity Presents: Jackals – The Tour

COMING SOON: Confessions Publicity Presents: Jackals – The Tour


Confessions Publicity is extremely proud to announce the upcoming Publicity Tour for Jackals by Stuart R Brogan.

Being hailed as a wonderful debut book from a new author with a very bright future ahead of him, Jackals is sure to have many of you glued to your seats as you read this fast paced thriller / horror novel.

Covering more than twenty dates across April and May, the tour visits a plethora of fantastic websites and is made up of loads of reviews, interviews and guest posts from the man himself, Stuart R Brogan.

Make sure you come along for the ride and find out what the reviewers think of the book and with all of the interviews and guest posts, find out everything you need to know about Stuart R Brogan.



Book Synopsis:

From the aftermath of a brutal massacre at a rural police station two survivors leave behind a swathe of bodies and a cryptic sigil painted on the wall in blood.

A disgraced Detective Inspector begrudgingly starts to investigate the crime scene but as the facts begin to emerge the trail appears to lead into the highest echelons of power making the policeman himself the next target.

As the conspiracy spirals ever deeper and with no-one to trust, both prime suspect and policeman are forced into an unlikely alliance to prove, not only their innocence but the existence of a force so ingrained into our society it could rewrite the very fabric of human nature.


Former nightclub Bouncer and unwaveringly proud Heathen who loves nothing more than expanding people’s minds with Pagan related Non-Fiction or blowing people’s brains out with fast paced, gut wrenching Horror / Thrillers.

​Harley lover, extreme metal drummer and avid movie nerd, Stuart has never followed the crowd but instead carved his own path and danced to his own tune. Since his early years, Stuart found escapism in both the written word and the silver screen. A huge fan of 80’s Action / Horror movies such as The Thing, Aliens, Predator & Die Hard and literary heroes such as Shaun Hutson, Clive Barker. Richard Layman and Brian Lumley, Stuart endeavours to bring an unapologetic cinematic eye to his fiction in the hopes of rekindling his childhood sense of wonder, all whilst blowing through vast amounts of ammunition down his local shooting range.

​Stuart currently resides in Glastonbury, UK with his long-suffering Wife and man eating Shih-Poo dog “Poppy” where he co-owns a kick ass Viking / Asatru shop, fiercely named “Shield Maiden”

And for more about Stuart, find him on social media:


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