Confessions Publicity? What do you do then?

Confessions Publicity? What do you do then?


Confessions Publicity? What do you do then?

It’s a pretty easy question, with a pretty easy answer.

Isn’t it?



Well, you would think so. I certainly did when a trader asked this question at a con a few weeks ago. I was very tempted to point at one of my super expensive banners I had just gotten printed and were proudly standing behind me. Or even sigh and tell him to read the super expensive flyer he held in his hand.

But I didn’t. I explained to him exactly what Confessions Publicity is all about and everything we do. As much as I could during the onset of laryngitis.

Then I got to thinking. This man that had asked what we did had never seen me, nor the Confessions logo before in his life. He had no idea what we do, and neither could I expect him to. He could be forgiven for not knowing we exist. This got me thinking some more. What about all the people that do know we exist but don’t know exactly what we do?

I mean, I know there are people who know we do promotion. I am sure all of you reading this have, at some time or other, seen the endless shares we do for authors to help get their work seen in the wider world. We make no apologies for that. If it gets one person to pick up a client’s work, then we are moving in the right direction.

But what about all the other stuff we do?

Does anyone know about the endless hours we spend in front of computers researching and posting and researching some more and emailing and emailing and emailing and chasing and emailing and chasing some more and etc etc etc. Does anyone know about the… well hang on…? I know that people read the blogs I write so how about I tell you here? I will try and make it as interesting as possible for you. You never know, there might be something in here that you read and think, “Bejeesus, I didn’t know de did dat der!” I just did that cause some people think that’s how I talk. I’m looking at you Pardip Basra. (This will tell me if he reads my stuff.)



So, what is Confessions Publicity?

It is a small, independent publicity business run mainly by me, Nev Murray. A lot of work in the background is done by my beautiful assistant, and wife, Jo. She lends me her ears to bounce ideas off, and very few new ideas come to fruition without her approval. Our aim is simple: to provide top quality service, and value for money, in absolutely everything we do. Our target clients, if I can use that term, are mainly authors, presses, and publishers looking for any publicity or promotional services. This is not just for new releases, but anything. Anything they need people to know about, we can help.

We use our extensive reach across social media including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to get eyes on book covers, reviews, interviews and basically anything else we can to get readers to know that you are there, and you write, and to get them to buy your work.

Social media is the way forward. As much as it may frustrate and infuriate us, there is no denying what it can do if used correctly. We share posts across these three platforms so that your existing readers, and readers who didn’t previously know of your existence, see what you are up to, and what you can offer them.

But anyone can share on Facebook, can’t they? Yeah, they can. But, and this is a big but, it may not be the best place to share all the time.

Sometimes Instagram and Twitter can be more beneficial to share to. Trends change, and audiences change too. You need to keep your eye on things and change tactics from time to time to use social media to your advantage. For example, when we first started looking after the promotion side of things, we were averaging about 3k impressions per month on Twitter. Now we average over 50k. We don’t use Twitter for anything other than promotion so that is purely impressions on what we share about what our clients are up to. Instagram may look as though it doesn’t do much but from our experience, it gets more eyes on your work than Facebook at times. We keep our eyes on these things when you can’t afford the time to.

One thing that Confessions does that no other publicity business does, is offer packages to suit many budgets. We have three different levels that we offer. Obviously the higher the level, the more work we do for you, but the quality of service never changes. We put the same amount of effort in to what we do, regardless of how much you pay. If you are a new author with a limited amount of disposable cash, you can go for our lowest package. If you are well established, then perhaps you can go for a higher level. Also, the higher the level, the higher the amount of benefits and discounts you get. One thing to remember though: if you ask for something we don’t think is suitable for you, we will tell you. What is best for you is always our priority. We will not take your money and run.

So that’s a little snapshot of what we do for promotion. There is one thing that not many people know we do that has achieved huge results.



We can work with you to help get that beloved manuscript kicked into the best shape possible before you send it out to the world, no matter which publishing route you take.

We offer a proofreading service that will check your work for typos, misspellings or totally missing words, missing punctuation, repetition and sentence structure. On top of that, we offer a combined proofread and editing service where we will read through your work and check for inconsistencies, plot holes and anything else we think would improve your story, from a reader’s point of view. We will work with you until you are happy, no matter how many drafts this takes.

Once the story is polished how you want, and how we think it reads best, we will do a last read through to finalise it for publication. This service is competitively priced, and we offer it on any word count. In the past, we have completed this on stories from 5k words to complete novels of 84k words.

With one client in particular, we have an unblemished record of eleven stories proofread / edited, with all eleven stories being accepted into their relevant anthologies, including a story that was one of twenty-five accepted out of over seven hundred submissions.

Publicity tours are something that scare many authors. They often take a hell of a long time to organise and can involve dozens, if not hundreds, of emails. The toing and froing can take a very long time. This is time you could better spend writing. Let us remove that hassle and organise your tour.

We look after everything. We contact a wide range of sites and pick those we think best suited to your needs. We look after the mountain of emails and each week’s promotional images, so the public know where to find your interviews, guest posts and reviews. The only work you need to do is answer interview questions and write a few guest posts, and sit back to watch it happen. We also handle every query that may arise.

Once the tour is over, we ensure that all sites involved add their reviews to Amazon and Goodreads to create maximum exposure. We would then pull all individual links together and publish a post on Confessions of a Reviewer so that our army of followers on the site, and across social media, can browse through them at their leisure.

Previous Confessions tours have resulted in not only sales for authors in regions where they have struggled before, but also additional traffic to their websites. All resulting in new followers and subscribers to their newsletters.

So that is a bit more info on the work that we do at Confessions Publicity. Everything we do is completed to strict, self-imposed guidelines to ensure that you, the client, and all your confidential material and information, is protected 100%. All work we carry out is done as per a contract, and you will receive invoices and receipts accordingly.

We promise you will not be disappointed.

Try us out.


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