Hello, I want to play a game…..

Hello, I want to play a game…..


…..and what a game it is!

Over the coming months, years and decades, I am going to be asking some authors to take part in game. It is a fairly simple game.

Its name?

“Name the author in the Confessions branded clothing!”

Thankfully the game itself is simpler than the name. I have a huge think tank of people with a budget of £1.99 beavering away, as we speak, to come up with a better name so watch this space.

The aim of the game is simple:

I will post a picture of an author on the site and they will be wearing a Confessions jacket. They will, however, be standing with their back to the camera. You have to figure out who it is before the answer is revealed.

The first person to give the correct author name in the comments section of the post on the Confessions site, (that is the important bit – the answer must be on a comment on the Confessions site) will win.

I will try and make sure that the prize is connected to the author in the relevant picture.

Tonight’s was a little bit more difficult to organise but there will be a “basket of Swag” on its way to the first to comment with the correct author!




The winner will be contacted directly and announced on the site tomorrow!

Good luck!!


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