Join the Confessions Reviewing Team!

Join the Confessions Reviewing Team!


This message goes out to all of you reviewers all over the world. It’s a simple one really:

How would you like to read wonderful books and have your reviews shared with the world on Confessions of a Reviewer?

Told you it was simple. Confessions has gotten so busy of late that we need help with the number of books waiting to be reviewed. The to be reviewed pile is constantly growing and we haven’t got time to do them all, even with the fantastic team we already have in place.

We may also be opening for submissions soon so the more reviewers we have, the more books we can accept!



What we are looking for is people who can either commit to a long-term deal where they would continually pick up books from the submissions pile, and read and review. Alternatively, if you cannot commit to something long term, if you are interested in picking something up to review once and a while and feel that Confessions is the place to host it, then give us a shout also.

This isn’t a paying gig. We wish it was. What you will have though is access to a lot of books, some that no other review sites have access to, long before they hit the shelves which is a pretty cool thing to have.

We won’t be a hard taskmaster either. Unlike some places to review, we won’t stand behind you with a big stick, shouting and demanding that you work till your fingers bleed. There will be certain guidelines to work by but that is all they will be, guidelines, not rules.

We also don’t mind if you review for another site or blog either. As long as it is cool with whoever you write for then jump aboard. We have associations with many publishers and presses that constantly send us books to review so we may have something to read that your current site doesn’t.



Anyhow if you fancy it or know someone that will fancy it, give Nev a shout at and he will have a look at what you do and hopefully we can work together.

By the way this is also open to you author types if you fancy a guest read and review some time.

Thanks for visiting Confessions of a Reviewer!


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