It’s All About Kenneth W Cain Next Week!

It’s All About Kenneth W Cain Next Week!


It’s another of those big Confessions weeks next week!

And it’s a big cherry popper as well!

Starting next Tuesday 28th March, we will have four nights dedicated to an author who is new to Confessions.

Ladies and Gentlemen, get yourselves ready for a week of Kenneth W Cain.



On Tuesday Mr Cain will be confessing all with his contribution to the Past, Present and Future feature.

On Wednesday and Thursday, we will have a two-part interview with the man himself where he will tell you all about himself and his writing and will of course take on The Ten Confessions.

On Friday 31st March, Confessions will be posting our review of his latest book, Embers: A Collection of Dark Fiction. Trust me, this is one collection you do not want to miss. It has already been allocated a place in my favourite collections list!



Mark it in your diary and make sure you come along for this one. It is an interesting one to read.

Oh…..and remember to tell your friends!

Thanks again for visiting Confessions of a Reviewer.


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