Review: Jasper Bark – Parassassin

Review: Jasper Bark – Parassassin


Genre: Graphic Novel
Publisher: Markosia Enterprises
Publication Date: 18th September 2017
Pages: 66




I was provided a copy of this graphic novel for review by Nev Murray in exchange for an honest review. I should probably start by saying, although I’m a little ashamed of it, I’ve never read any of Jaspers work. I have meant to pick up something by him for ages and just haven’t managed for one reason or another, but I didn’t even know he was involved in the comic book world.

I’d imagine the main reason Nev came to me for this, is that he knows I love a good graphic novel. I’ve tried to convince Nev that comics have come a long way in the last twenty years, but he isn’t a convert. I will continue to work on this until I wear him down.

When he sent it to me, he said Jasper had described it as ‘a dark science fiction tale, with heavy horror overtones and a parodic political slant.’ It was a bang-on description. I’ve been reading a lot of 2000AD and Judge Dredd recently and it sounded like the type of tale that I would find between their pages, so I started reading as soon as I received it.

There are several storylines running throughout the book but the main ones centre around a time-traveller who has come back in time, to stop an assassination that was the catalyst for a global disaster, where most of the population were wiped out by a disease, while others were afflicted with changes to their body that meant they could not die. The other is about two aliens whose planet has been desecrated, but it happened on a different timeline, so they have come back to make sure the assassination does happen.

Sound complex? I’ve not even started yet. We then have another main character whose body keeps splitting into several versions of himself, at different ages throughout his life, and can also see the future. Now, it does get a lot more in depth than this, but I absolutely hate when reviews go into too much detail and give away spoilers. What I have covered here is basically just the set up. As the story progresses there are several twists and turns. Enemy’s become friends and the timeline gets even more complicated. I should say at this point it’s very well written and the time-travel and timeline parts of the story are handled really well. I did find myself skipping back a few pages several times to check things but it all falls together perfectly as we near the end.

The premise from the start is: If you could go back in time, to fix the worst mistake of your life, would you? If the fate of two worlds hung on your decision, could you choose which would live and which would die?

It’s an interesting question and sets you up well for the story ahead. The underline story is political and as always raises a few very real-life questions about morality and how fickle we really are as a species.

The storylines all come to a satisfying close by the end of the book. This is something I really need in a graphic novel. There is a hint that there may be more, but it doesn’t finish in what feels like the middle of a story, like so many other graphic novels these days.

I do hope there is a second book though. I’d pick it up straight away. I also discovered, while looking for this book online that Jasper has another graphic novel available called Bloodfellas, which if I’m honest I may have bought for the name alone. I will now be purchasing a copy of this on pay day.

Although this is a graphic novel it has also really pushed me to read one of his novels a lot sooner. If this one was anything to go with, Jasper is an extraordinary story teller and I could easily find a space for him among my other favourite authors.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys graphic novels, sci-fi, time-travel, the movie Interstellar, 2000AD or Judge Dredd. It has touches of them all. While the overall storyline has several elements of horror throughout, I’m not sure it would be suitable for someone who only reads in the horror genre, you will need at least some interest in sci-fi to appreciate this one.

Highly recommended!


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Book Synopsis:

Three futures hang in the balance.

Two end in total annihilation.

One assassin’s bullet will decide.

On the planet Sedulon, a rogue band of renegade time travelers and scientific misfits fight to save the futures of two worlds.

Doc Hydrabus – a brilliant scientist whose body splits into a crowd of his past and selves, he lives in one present and many futures all at the same time

Cassindra – 900 years old, impossible to kill and every bit as deadly as she is beautiful. She’s travelled back in time to change the world.

Rushaar and Shartara – alien beings made entirely of gas with one simple plan, to use time travel to assassinate the leader of Sedulon and save their planet Eidolonia.

The Parassassin – he will take the shot that decides the destinies of everyone in the galaxy.

Politics and parody collide on the bleeding edge of science fiction, in the most shocking and unexpected thriller you’re going to read this year.




Jasper Bark is infectious – and there’s no known cure. If you’re reading this then you’re already at risk of contamination. The symptoms will begin to manifest any moment now. There’s nothing you can do about it. There’s no itching or unfortunate rashes, but you’ll become obsessed with his books, from the award winning collections ‘Dead Air’ and ‘Stuck on You and Other Prime Cuts’, to cult novels like ‘The Final Cut’ and acclaimed graphic novels such as ‘Bloodfellas’ and ‘Beyond Lovecraft’.

Soon you’ll want to tweet, post and blog about his work until thousands of others fall under its viral spell. We’re afraid there’s no way to avoid this, these words contain a power you are hopeless to resist. You’re already in their thrall and have been since you began reading this bio. Even now you find yourself itching to read the whole of his work. Don’t fight it, embrace the urge and wear your obsession with pride!

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